My NBA dream sequences


During my last two years of college, I got into writing for film and the stage. It was a blast and I regret not doing that sooner, but sometimes I ran short on ideas for scripts. That’s when I started writing down what happened in the trippy dreams that came from my afternoon naps. I looked back at those notes when I wasn’t feeling creative enough and they helped me write up scripts that were hopefully worth a read. (Here’s one example!)                                                                           

Now I frequently nap after work, usually with an NBA-related podcast playing in the background. It’s led to so many dreams about basketball that, in hopes of creating another unusual topic to blog about, I started writing them down and attempted to figure out bigger meanings behind them.

That’s if there is a bigger meaning behind my dreams. Sometimes I have my doubts. If you think there could be one, give it a shot. Here are my NBA dream sequences of the past week:

Tuesday Night

Dream #1: I ate strawberry cheesecake with Wesley Johnson and LeBron James.

This dream could address my lack of exercise and the crap I’ve been eating lately. Since graduating, I’m lucky to work out once every week. I also have only played basketball twice over the past year with those occurrences being several months apart. The last time I played was a disaster. I regressed way more than I thought, which was so crushing that I haven’t touched a basketball since.

Even though both Wes and LeBron are both physical specimens, the difference in their basketball skills is pretty drastic. It would’ve made more sense if a fat Shawn Kemp replaced Wes in order to hit the message home in this dream: Stop being a puss and work out more, play a little basketball, and eat healthy.

Dream #2: Kobe Bryant stole my bike and later returned it— with dull tires. A huge gust of wind blew by. Kobe told me not to get blown away by it. I actually did get blown away—emotionally.

I don’t know why, but “don’t get blown away by the wind” got me so fired up as if I just heard the best pregame speech ever. Maybe it meant to not get too down or too up, or to not get carried away by momentum—if momentum even exists. I’m all for Jason Kidd trying to get Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Deron Williams to play together by using that phrase. Same goes for Mike Woodson with Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, J.R. Smith, andforget it. The Knicks are screwed.


Don’t get blown away by the wind. Just don’t.

Kobe may have been a jerk for stealing the bike I take casual rides around back roads, but I’m sure he used it to rehab from his Achilles injury. No worries, but I expect a shout out before his first game. 

Wednesday night

Dream #1: I watched a team of Jabari Parkers at Duke run the score up on North Carolina. David Stern sat behind me. I jokingly told him all those Parkers are going to be the second overall pick next year to which Stern laughed quite evilly. I went to Twitter to tweet about it. The number of followers I had was 888. I’m surprised it wasn’t 666.

Does David Stern have an evil plan up his sleeve before Adam Silver takes over?

Dream #2: I’m at Target, waiting at the checkout lines when I have the urge to explain to a stranger how Kiki Vandeweghe was an elite player.

The meaning behind this dream is that I’m an idiot when it comes to discussing basketball, including but not limited to when I’m at retail stores. 

Saturday night

Dream 1: I’m playing on the 2008 Redeem Team, plus Antoine Walker and Tim Duncan.

This dream’s too long to keep in italics. Basically, I helped the U.S. kick Spain’s ass even though none of the players on Spain were from their actual team. In my dream, every Spaniard looked like Kawhi Leonard. The refs never called any fouls so I prevented Spain’s cuts to the hoop by dishing out headlocks.

The best play came in a pick and roll I ran with Kobe. He set the pick and I threaded the needle with a one-handed bounce pass only Steve Nash and LeBron could routinely (and effortlessly) pull off. Kobe finished it for a huge jam. He never thanked me for the sweet pass until I thanked him for the sweet dunk. Whatever.

Dream 2: Same Redeem Team game. There’s a timeout in the action. The scoreboard shows people throwing around glitter. Tim Duncan and Antoine Walker join them. I throw around glitter with them too. I wake up when Coach K yells at me.

I’ll let someone else take a shot at this.

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