Taco Bell commercials from the ’90s

Happy Friday and belated Halloween! What better way to rebound from a night of eating tubs of candy by going to Taco Bell? If that’s not desirable, maybe Taco Bell commercials from the ’90s, like the ones shown below, will change your mind. Actually, I doubt that but check them out anyway:

“Taco Neck”, starring Shaquille O’Neal. Also features Eddie Jones and Derek Fisher.

By the way, the Shout Wipes in the first second of the video, just on its name alone, look like a great white elephant Christmas present for Carlos Boozer, Rasheed Wallace, and Joakim Noah, among others.

It’s kind of gross thinking about what kind of practices fast food joints had 15-20 years ago. Anyway, moving on:

Hakeem Olajuwon versus Shaq. In the end, Taco Bell wins

Jesus Shuttlesworth and his father would’ve been so much more happy if they played 1-on-1 for Taco Bell instead things like college scholarships and prison time.

Shaq’s on fire (and the ‘90s effects aren’t as cheesy as the yummy tacos)

Shaq’s gone from fast food commercials in the ’90s to ads for Buick and Icy-Hot today, but 20 years from now he could be a franchise cornerstone for Life Alert.

Just kidding. That’s reserved for Vince Carter:

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