RIP Embedded Excel Tables

I have not published anything on here since September of 2015 (!!!) and have logged into my account maybe a handful of times over the season to check a few things. Well, about a week ago was one of those times and I noticed that all the embedded Excel charts included in blog posts were gone. The embed codes are still there, but the charts themselves don’t show up anymore. This has happened before, a longgg time ago back when there weren’t a lot of posts that relied on charts, so that was easy to fix. I think I just logged into OneDrive and pasted in the codes again, but now it would take too much time to correct each and every one. It’s not worth it given the subjects I used to write about.

So, yeah. Most blog posts look pretty awkward now. Sorry to those who thought they’d find a somewhat useful blog post about half-court heaves or non-conference records! The numbers probably don’t show up anymore. On the bright side, the last post before this one was taking the over/under on win totals before the season, and I know that was a disaster. The last time I checked how I was doing was a few months ago and it looked like I was going to end up 7-23 compared to 17-13 in 2014-15. They probably look even worse now.

This won’t be the last blog post on Chicken Noodle Hoop, so going forward there will be a substitute for Excel Online whether it’s with Tableau or just screenshots. Things will be fine, but yeah if an old blog post makes little sense and/or has huge blank spaces, well, now you know why, now you know I’m aware of it, and many apologies but now you know I’m not going to fix that.

Future blog posts won’t have that problem, though. That’s a better thing to keep in mind. 🙂

(Also, remember to tell everyone you know that Mo Speights, Boris Diaw, and Jae Crowder are the NBA’s finest players not just right now, but forever.)


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