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Shots Per 36 Minutes Compared to Average Player

Which players were heavy mid-range shooters before it went out of style? Who were the corner three gods before they were trendy? This statistic takes a player’s shots per 36 minutes from a shot zone and divides it by the player average that season. For example, LeBron James took nearly twice (1.80) as many attempts inside the restricted area last season than the average player.

Numbers go back to 1998, and they also measure if a player’s FG% from a shot location was above or below league-average. Regular per-36 averages also included. All stats via Further info can be found here. (2015’s stats are not entered yet. Soon, though.)

Team All-Star Statistics

Just going off two posts I wrote over all-star weekend relating to team statistics from Friday and Sunday night games, and I wanted to have a place for these numbers so they don’t get lost. So if you’re curious about what kind of pace these games are played at or just how high the offensive ratings go, you can view Rising Stars numbers since 1994 here and All-Star Games back to 1978 here.

Stats are from a combination of Basketball-Reference and while estimations were helped by Sactown Royalty’s statistic calculator.


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