Things I’ve done during Jimmy Butler’s 144 consecutive minutes streak

In a recent post about statistics on NBA names, among other things, I brought up Jimmy Butler’s consecutive minute streak. What was at 96 minutes when I last wrote about it has now extended to…(taking out calculator)…144 after helping Chicago steal Game 1 at Miami.

Playing 144 consecutive minutes is plenty more amazing than the things I’ve done during that same timeframe, which is five days. Here’s what I did. Read ‘em and Wheat.

During Butler’s consecutive minutes streak started, I:

  • Worked out zero times, but I’d still be more effective on the court than Sam Young.
  • Ate a 12-pack of string cheese on Saturday and one whole pizza on Sunday (chicken, cheese, and garlic-flavored).
  • Slept until noon four out of five days. I’m just assuming I’ll sleep in today.
  • Drank coffee after 6 p.m. four out of five days. No final exams until Thursday, so yeah.
  • Drove my Jeep Grand Cherokee twice, got hit and run by an uninsured driver once.
  • Thought about biking twice. Ate Fiber One bars instead.
  • Logged out of Facebook once.
  • Tweeted exactly 100 times.
  • Deleted four tweets that either sucked or were spelt wrong.
  • Took one picture of my cat eating a leaf. She was a trapeze artist in another life.
  • Haven’t shaved, but searched for gray hairs on my hair every morning.
  • Yawned six times while writing this.


  • Said goodnight at 6 a.m.
  • Slowly turned into a vampire.

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