Seven thoughts on New York’s worst defensive sequence yet

So far, the New York Knicks’ season hasn’t gone so well. A new low was reached last night, summarizing the first 10 games of their season. Check out this defense:

My thoughts:

1) AMARE WHY?!?!      

2) Josh Smiths pass was initially a shot then passed in midair, so that’s a slight buzzkill. I’ve seen players on offense get mixed up on passes that were initially shots, especially whoever’s posting up to which they’ll turn around as if to get the rebound.

But I’ve never saw a defender do that until now, and it’s awesome.

3) What is Andrea Bargnani doing? Instead of defending the rim, he sticks with Andre Drummond, who’s no threat whatsoever anywhere outside five feet. Bargnani knows he’s seven feet tall, the center for the Knicks, and that Peyton Siva is a foot shorter than him, right? It’s a less obvious mistake, but comedy nonetheless.

4) To go along with #2, J.R. Smith and Bargnani basically did the opposite of what I thought would happen. Smith’s guarding Kyle Singler, the guy supposed to stretch the floor for Detroit, but whatevs! He contests Siva’s layup when it really should’ve been Bargnani.

5) But really, just hack Drummond and get him to the line no matter the situation, as long as there’s over two minutes left in the game. He only took five free throws last night, which blows my mind. On the bright side, Drummond upped his free throw percentage to 17.6 percent. So there’s that.

6) Mike Woodson‘s expression doesn’t change. Neither does anyone’s on the bench. That is, except for Carmelo Anthony, whose reaction is priceless.

7) Time for a players-only meeting.


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