Update on non-conference play: The West still dominates

Five weeks ago, I wrote about the Eastern Conference finally finishing a week above .500 in non-conference play.

Well, the West has finished with the upper hand every week since and 11 out of 13 total. I’ve kept a week-by-week win and loss total and I thought I’d share it:

Note: Weeks are counted as Monday through Sunday. 

Going into last weekend, the East was actually 9-7. Then Paul George and Indiana struggled in Denver, Washington fell to Utah, and Anthony Davis dominated Orlando with a line of 22-19-3-2-7, among other games the East could’ve won. Four wins against the Lakers wasn’t enough, partly because the other team from Los Angeles went 3-1 and partly because the East is nowhere near as talented across the board.

Non-conference play hasn’t been this lopsided since 1960 when there were eight teams in the league. If we take out every season up to the NBA’s expansion in the late-80s, it hasn’t been this bad since 2004. With Memphis getting Marc Gasol back, Golden State back to their “#FullSquad”, and several experiments out East either still struggling or dealing with injuries, I’m not sure this season can keep itself from being historically askew.

But I’ll continue updating in case anything changes. This week, the West is 4-0.


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