Andre Iguodala’s shot chart resembes a putting green (with a sand trap too)

Everything’s sunny for Andre Iguodala, who gave the Golden State Warriors a game-winning bucket last night only after Russell Westbrook did all he could for Oklahoma City.

But this isn’t about just last night. Iguodala, widely known for his great defense, has turned in a terrific season offensively as well. In fact, his shot chart seems like one normally reserved for Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, or Kevin Durant, but it also brings back memories of golfing in the summer. Introducing, the putting green that is Iguodala’s shot chart:


The rectangular sand trap in the right corner is a bit awkward since I doubt such bunkers exist, but it’s hard to complain when it could cover the entire court should Iguodala, for some reason, go on a horrific shooting slump.

Let’s not mix basketball and golf any more than we should though. Charles Barkley has shown what could go wrong when we take it too far:


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